Technological advancement and increasing customers'  sophistication have increased customer's expectation from businesses. Customers demand convenient  methods of processing transactions and making payments to which the advent of  GSM technology has offered the populace the unique opportunity of mobile telephony and a firsthand  experience of mobile commerce..

he need to  optimize telecommunication services and provide a robust package to its  ever-growing customers has stirred our desire to introduce our award winning,  multi appicication electronic payment platform, eTranzact, to pioneer the  mobile commerce. With this system, subscribers that have accounts on any of our  member banks on the etranzact platform will be able to make transactions  successfully through their cell phones anytime, anywhere and any how online and  real time.


The eTranzact Telco Services is equipped with a set  of payment (post-payment and pre-payment) and integration interfaces for the  telecommunication industry. With the Telco Services integration interface,  subscribers are able to make payment for telephone bills online via any channel:  SMS – for GSM operators, Internet, POS, ATM, etc.

Included in this service is the bank outlet that  enables non-eTranzact subscribers to make payment for prepaid and postpaid  telephone bills.

The Telco services make the following features available to it's users:

We have extensive knowledge of switching and  transaction processing systems. 


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