Genesis Card


eTranzact Genesis is the  EMV Card solution that comprises  a wide  range of services that precisely suit your need and choice  so that you only pay for what you need.


 Why  EMV? 
EMV cards are more secured making it ore difficult to clone /counterfeit with PIN  verification for transaction.

Why Genesis?
The eTranzact Genesis portfolio has all the advantages of EMV cards. It offers value-for-the-money without compromising  product performance, security and maximises consumer and merchant confidence.   With the added security of eSA, eTranzact Strong Authentication, your  Genesis card is completely protected against PIN fraud

Genesis Card Specifications

  • 4K
  • 8K
  • 16K
  • 32K
  • 64K


Reloadable Cards

eTranzact  Prepaid debit card otherwise known as Reloadable card is a prepaid card. It is  different from a debit card which is tied to the card holder account. eTranzact  Prepaid card is not tied to any bank account, as such it operates with a  virtual account that is domiciled on the eTranzact Central switch.

The  eTranzact Prepaid Card (Reloadable Card) provides an effective means for the  promotion of a cashless society and to help the unbanked. When a purchase is  made, the debit goes to the customer’s ePurse (virtual account) while the  merchant account is credited real`time`irrespective of the where the account is  domiciled.