Financial Markets

Companies in the Financial services find eTranzact solutions very beneficial to their services and eTranzact provides electronic payment solutions to Money Transfer organisations, Insurance companies and several others.

With eTranzact's Payoutlet product, organisations are able to receive cash/cheque payment from customers/members  through any bank  branch of all the  eTranzact participating  banks.  Companies can also enjoy online  real-time e-payment solution that provides a one-to-many  or many-to-one payment  scenarios using the eTranzact CorporatePay product. This solution eliminates the costs and delays associated  with issuing cheques which is the traditional process for suppliers payment and staff salary payments.  With eRemit, MTOs can enhance their service offerings.


From online remittances to e-dividend payment to web payments, the eTranzact platform is the innovative way to meet all e-payment requirements.

We have extensive knowledge of switching and transaction processing systems. 


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