eTranzact Strong Authentication


eTranzact Strong Authentication (ESA) provides Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for ATM, POS, Mobile and Web transaction. With this implementation, eTranzact makes available dynamic PIN (as opposed to a static PIN) for all channels.

Utilization of static PIN as the singular parameter for electronic transactions is increasingly becoming fraud prone. Card cloning and PIN disclosure are apparent threats to card transactions. By leveraging on the ESA dynamic PIN generation, this threat can now be surmounted.

ESA is unique because it uses the subscriber’s cell phone to generate One Time Pass Code (OTPK). ESA leverages on something the subscriber knows (e. g password, PIN), something the subscriber uses (payment Card) to provide a benchmark security solution on all ESA payment channels.

This product leverages on “using your everyday tool, your mobile phone, for your every activity”.

To enjoy the security service, the user must have signed up for eTranzact mCommerce services and subscribe for the ESA Service.