eTranzact offers unique online payment solutions to all the players in the Educational sector. From students to their parents or guardians to the school administration, eTranzact has used her wealth of knowledge in the payment and switching industry to make it so easy for both parents, guardians and students to easily and conveniently handle the payment and reconciliation issues involved in school fees and levies without necessarily being within the vicinity of the school.

eTranzact  has two major solutions it offers to schools, and these are:


    The card payment system  

    The bank branch solution (PIN  VENDING)

The card  payment system is in two forms:


    Students procure their school's reloadable  payment card which they pre-load  at any bank on the eTranzact platform with  the amount specified by  the school (inclusive of any  bank charges). Once the  money has been  loaded into the card, the  student goes online to the school portal and completes payment, or,


    Students go online to the school portal to obtain virtual  cards by providing some specific details requested by the portal.   The student then  goes to any member bank to pre-laod the virtual card with the  amount of money specified by their school (inclusive of any bank   charges). Once the money has been loaded into the  card, the student goes online to the school portal  and completes payment.  

    Or with the bank branch solution, the student walks into any bank branch that is collecting for that particular  school, fills a form and gives both the form and the fees to be paid to the teller (including bank commission). Once  this payment is successful, a unique confirmation ID and receipt number is  generated and given to the student.  The student uses this unique ID to complete payment via the school portal.    

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