EasyMe, a youth empowerment  programme targeted at the youthful population is intended to provide a source  of income to the youth, by ensuring that they earn value on`day`to day  transactions done via their mobile  phone.


This phone based scheme requires the individual  (EasyMe Agent) to possess a java enabled phone where the eTranzact mobile  application will be installed. As a prerequisite to joining this scheme, an  interested youth will also be required to obtain an EasyMe Card from any partnering bank on theEasyMe scheme.   The EasyMe agent will enjoy discounts on sale of airtime and make a commission on bills paid  via his mobile phone.


The features of the EasyMe  package are:

1. Mobile Topup,  which includes:

Virtual Top up (VTU) where the value of the airtime on the customer's phone is increased without having to load any PIN (available only on MTNN for now)

Logical Top Up where the recharge card PIN is sent both to the agent and the customers' phone as an SMS.

Any person using an EasyMe card will enjoy discounts on all airtime purchased using his card.

2. Bill Payments which include:

PAY CableTV including DSTV, LCC Toll Bills and Trend TV
MTN Postpaid
Pay merchants.

Any  person using an EasyMe card will enjoy a commission on bills paid using his  EasyMe Card
This product is  available in Nigeria for now. To get an EasyMe Card or to get more information  on how to be part of the scheme, send a mail to or or call the etranzact helpdesk for your country.